Treat Yourself Sweet!
Your body absorbs what you put on your skin
Enjoy handcrafted bath & beauty creations from Montana, Made in Montana Certified, and with attention to detail! Our skin care items are crafted in small batches to ensure freshness, efficiency, and quality. Using handmade products comes with the peace of mind that your skin is absorbing plant based ingredients. These natural ingredients contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help heal and protect your skin. 

Most of us can use more time to relax and breath in this fast paced, unpredictable world. One way to unwind is with a soak; let your thoughts be calm and free while relaxing your muscles. All of the natural products we produce are made with scents you'll want to keep breathing in, and sometimes a deep breath is all you need to help sooth your day.

I live in the country with my husband, son, three dogs, and cat. Two of our dogs are are pictured above, Bear and Karma Jean Dancing Boy. 
Living in Western Montana has its advantages: with gorgeous mountain views, clear rivers and lakes, and abundant wildlife this land abounds with artistic inspiration. I enjoy creating art in many forms. Mediums like painting on canvas, needle felting, wood burning, and photography are my typical choices, but I'm always on the hunt for new creative outlets. I discovered that the process of making personal care items is as artistic, and in some ways more creatively dynamic than my usual mediums; a myriad of combinations make my products delightful on many levels. Visual aesthetic combined with texture, scent, and function create a unique and beneficial experience. Most, but not all of my concoctions are treat-based because we can always stand to add a little more sweet in our lives! 
These are kooky times, so now more than ever we need to award ourselves extra love, kindness, and time to unravel. 
Take care and remember to Treat Yourself Sweet!

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